Hey Ya’ll!  I wanted to talk to everyone about the importance of family.  Now in today’s world, the word ‘FAMILY’ can mean different things to different people.  To me- nothing says FAMILY more than having my granddaughter, Victoria in the kitchen with me.  Passing on treasured family recipes, cooking techniques and stories of past loved ones is priceless.  I am starting her young and want her to learn that cooking is a way to show love and fellowship to others.   Teaching others to cook is my passion, but you all know that I am very passionate about feeding the less fortunate as well.  Another definition of FAMILY is our brothers and sisters that are in need.  I love feeding the less fortunate as often as possible.  If you are able, please find time to give $5, $10, $20 – anything you can to help me continue getting out there and spreading the love to our family that needs us.  Thank you friends for making a difference.