Essential Ways to Tackle Food Wastes At Home

Essential Ways to Tackle Food Wastes At Home

Sep 07, 2022Igotchu Seasonings

Since we eat meals every single day, it is our responsibility to value them and be smart with how we eat. Most of us don’t think that we are contributing to the serious issue of food waste. But to be honest, we are. Household food waste is one of the largest contributors to the issue.

If you’re looking for ways to tackle your food wastes at home, I got you covered. I listed some tips that can help you make a difference for your home and the environment.


  1. Store food properly

If you’re not storing your food properly, a massive amount of waste can be developed. So, do some research on how you can store fruits and vegetables the right way. This can help prevent premature ripening and rotting. For example, cucumber, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and potatoes must not be put in the refrigerator. They should only be kept at room temperature storages. 


  1. Shop smart

Don’t buy more food than you need. Sure, it is convenient to buy in bulk, but this shopping method may lead to more food waste at home. Make frequent trips to the grocery store to avoid buying more. Make sure to use up all the food your bought during the last trip before buying more. It is also a great idea to make a list and stick to it. This will help you save more money and prevent you from shopping impulsively.


  1. Recycle scraps

Turn peels into chips. By using an air fryer, you will be able to make carrot chips, apple chips, potato chips, and more from certain food scraps. Just wash the peels, dry them up, season, and fry them for a sweet snack. You can also do this method on vegetable scraps.

On the other hand, if you can’t get past the idea of eating food scraps, you can recycle them as cleaning solutions instead. For example, citrus peels from oranges and lemons. Dried peels can also be used to freshen up garbage disposals.


  1. Refresh the groceries

Revive your groceries with nothing more than what you have already. For example, you can medium bake artisan breads and breakfast pastries to make them taste even fresher. For vegetables, you can bathe them on cold water to freshen up.

Nuts, crackers, and stale cereals, on the other hand, need something more. Since they absorb too much moisture, putting them in the refrigerator for a day can help dry them out. Lastly, herbs and spices can be revived by blooming them in your cooking oil as you warm the pan. This can help extract their aromas and infuse your meals.


  1. Pay attention to expiration dates

Always remember, the “Use by” date is different from the “Best before” date. The former means that a product with this label must be consumed by the date listed. That product should also be disposed of if it is not eaten before the indicated date. The latter, on the other hand, means that the product won’t taste best after a specified date, but it’s still safe to eat or use.   Paying attention to these expiration dates is very important for reducing the issue of unnecessary food waste.


Final Thoughts

There are endless ways to tackle your food wastes at home. Make sure follow the practical tips listed above. These tactics can help you waste less food, save more money, and create a positive change to conserve some of our most valuable resources.



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