Frequently asked question

Absolutely not, our commitment to quality remains the same and we follow strict recipes for all our

Clumping is a natural process as a result of not using any preservatives or artificial ingredients. If your
Igotchu Seasonings start to clump, just give the bottle a good “SHAKE” and you’re all set!
Shelf life: Shelf life of our Igotchu Seasonings varies on how they are stored. After 12 month they are less
fresh, but still usable.

None of our seasonings contain MSG

Yes, we do! We use USPS to ship to over 170 countries worldwide. Please check your country’s custom
requirements as that is not included in our shipping.

If your order was entered incorrectly and you placed your order, email us
at or call us at +1 833-822-7222 and we will correct your address.

If your order is delivered with missing, wrong or damaged items simply follow these
steps so we can have your order corrected. Email us at and send us the
following information. - A photo of your packing slip that was inside your package - List the wrong or
missing items.

If you can’t locate your package always check with your
neighbors and look around the delivery location, they sometimes are left on back porch, etc. Wait two
business days to see if it arrives. This is rare, but we have seen packages marked delivered prior to actually
arriving. If your still unable to locate you package please contact USPS as we don’t have access to their
shipping system.

Igotchu Seasonings has promotions throughout the
year! Be sure to subscribe to our email list to stay up to date for all upcoming promotions and newsletters.

Processing and handling time is typically 1-2 business days, and shipping
time is typically 3-5 business days via USPS.

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