The Best Side Dishes For Christmas Dinner

The Best Side Dishes For Christmas Dinner

Dec 22, 2022Igotchu Seasonings

You've got a tree, eggnog, and ham. But what is Christmas dinner without sides? We can't bear it! We have lots of Christmas sides that might upstage the prime rib. With roasted baby carrots and other seasonal sides, it may be hard to spare room for cookies.

The real feasting begins after appetizers and holiday beverages. We fill our kitchen with winter's best vegetables. Kabocha squash, pear salad, and roasted fingerling potatoes are crowd-pleasers.

But what alternatives should you serve with roast beef, your vegan dishes, or ham?

Here are our suggestions for the best side dishes for Christmas dinner.

Roasted vegetables

These festive vegetables are given extra tartness and sweetness by balsamic vinegar and the dried cranberries, and some crunch by the pecans. U se carrots and Brussels sprouts, but you are welcome to substitute other veggies.

Green bean casserole

Is it even Christmas if there isn't a cozy side? Using your slow cooker to mix the ingredients and cook the dish makes green bean casserole even easier to make than using an oven.

Fingerling potatoes

Use cornstarch slurry to have the crispiest potatoes ever! Just add garlic and rosemary for taste, but like with other roasted vegetables, feel free to use any herbs or seasonings you prefer.

Baby carrots

Baby carrots that are sweet and tart like this balsamic glaze go together beautifully. This dish is endlessly adaptable and ensures that you will always have carrots that are crisp and soft. It is elegant enough for a holiday feast while still being simple enough for a weeknight.

Pear salad

A savory punch is delivered by the crunchy candied pumpkin seeds, creamy blue cheese, and smokey grilled pears in this straightforward yet delectable winter salad. It is the ideal festive side dish because it is flavored with a sweet-sour honey vinaigrette.

Potato rolls

Do you have baked potato leftover? Making dinner rolls and mashing the insides is the only sensible course of action. Truly, these are the fluffiest. Dinner. Rolls. Ever. Each roll is unbelievably soft in the middle and has a buttery top, fresh texture, and crispy bottom.

Baked sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a whole superfood that are high in fiber and vitamin C, making them a simple and delectable option to eat well during the holidays. They may be used for a variety of different toppings and are really adaptable but roasting them whole in the oven is probably the simplest way to cook them.


Risotto is the definition of creamy and delicious. Although it might look scary, this simple rice meal is as soothing as they come. You only need an hour, arborio rice, a bit of butter, wine, cheese, and top-notch chicken broth, as well as your preferred aromatics like garlic, basil, and onion.

Corn muffins

The taste team is coming to give typical corn muffins a major boost. Corn muffins with Pimiento cheese is the outcome, and they are inspired by the traditional Southern cheese dip. A savory pleasure is produced, packed with lots of cayenne, garlic powder, and diced pimiento peppers.

Candied carrots

Just so you know, anything with the term "candied" in the name is going to be sweet and probably not something you'll eat every day. Having said that, don't hold back on the quantity of brown sugar and butter you use to make these caramelized carrots: decadence is what you want!

Creamed spinach

A straightforward side dish called creamed spinach is the ideal way to use up any spinach that is close to expiring. Everyone will become a fanatic of leafy greens because of the creaminess, which will cause you to forget you are eating spinach. Don't skimp on the spinach since even though it appears like a lot, it will end up being nearly nothing.

Beet salad

Happy beet-eaters! This salad has creamy goat cheese (or feta), avocado, arugula, and roasted beets.  Wrap uncooked beets in foil and roast them like a potato. The beets are soft, earthy, and somewhat sweet, unlike store-bought beets.

Corn casserole

This Southern classic is a crowd-pleaser. Instead of frozen corn, you can use drained and washed canned corn and additional milk instead of heavy cream. The completed casserole will be less decadent but still wonderful.

Candied yams

Along with mashed potatoes, candied yams are a holiday staple. Yes! Candied yams are sweet, but they complement salty meals well. Candied yams taste better with bourbon.

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