Baked Potato Soup Recipe

Baked Potato Soup Recipe

Jul 21, 2022Igotchu Seasonings

This baked potato soup recipe comes with a thick, creamy, and flavorful broth. It is also loaded with green onions, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and baked potatoes. It is the best comfort food for everyone.

Let’s start cooking. 


Bacon (chopped)

Green onions (chopped)

Cheddar cheese (shredded)


Baked potatoes

Half & half

Sour cream

Igotchu All-purpose seasoning


How to make Baked Potato Soup

  1. Cook bacon until golden brown.
  1. While waiting for the bacon, heat 3 cups of half & half in a pot. Let it come to a simmer.
  1. Remove the bacon from the skillet and leave the bacon fat in it.
  1. Now, add flour to the skillet. Stir and gently pour the simmered half & half.
  1. Put the baked potatoes, cheese, bacon, green onions, and sour cream.
  1. Season with Igotchu All-purpose seasoning. Stir.


Serve and enjoy.



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