Easy Fried Fish Po’boy Recipe

Easy Fried Fish Po’boy Recipe

Jul 12, 2022Igotchu Seasonings

Fish Po’boy is a very popular sandwich in New Orleans. It comes with crispy fried fish, toasted French bread, and lots of lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and tartar sauce. It is crunchy, savory, creamy, and simply delicious.

Let’s start cooking



Any fish (fillet)



Pickles (chopped)

Butter (melted)

Tomatoes (chopped)

Lettuce (chopped)

Igotchu Seafood seasoning

French bread



Pickled relish

Pickle juice

Lemon juice

Igotchu Lemon Garlic Pepper seasoning


How to make Fried Fish Po’boy

  1. Combine cornmeal and flour. Season it with Igotchu Seafood seasoning.
  1. Get the fish fillet, season with Igotchu Seafood seasoning, and cover it with cornmeal mixture. Deep fry until golden brown.
  1. Spread some butter on the French bread. Then, toast it. Set aside.
  1. Now, prepare the tartar sauce. Simply combine mayonnaise, pickled relish, pickle juice, lemon juice, and Igotchu Lemon Garlic Pepper seasoning.
  1. Once everything is done, assemble the sandwich.
  1. Spread tartar sauce on both sides of the toasted bread. Add pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce. Then, put the fried fish on top.

Serve and enjoy.


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