The Best Turnip Greens Recipe

The Best Turnip Greens Recipe

May 15, 2022Corinna Jones

Turnip Greens is a classic Southern side dish that’s very easy to make. It is one of the best additions to any comfort food meal. Hence, you should have it in your recipe list. From the bacon and spices infused in it, this simple recipe will surely burst tons of flavor in your palate. A perfect combo with buttermilk biscuits or cornbread. 

Let’s start cooking. 


3 pcs. smoked turkey tails

Unsalted chicken stock

3 slices bacon

Garlic (chopped)

Onion (chopped)

2 bags turnip greens

Igotchu Greens seasoning

Igotchu Garlic Lovers seasoning

Igotchu Himalayan Salt & Pepper seasoning

Igotchu Onion Lovers seasoning

How to make Turnip Greens

  1. Cut bacon into small pieces, as well as the garlic and onion.
  1. Sauté the chopped ingredients in a preheated pot.
  1. Pour the unsalted chicken stock into the pan. Then, season it up. Use Igotchu Garlic Lovers, Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper, Greens, and Onion Lovers.
  1. Add in the smoked turkey tails. Cover the pot and let it simmer for 30 minutes.
  1. Once done, drop in the turnip greens.
  1. Cover the pot again and let it cook until it’s fork tender.

Serve and enjoy.


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